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Bonus #1: Magic Stones Teleconference. A one-hour teleconference with the author about Legends of the Stones. There is much information about myth and magic to share that will compliment the book. Ancient wisdom, gemstones, myths and symbols are an exciting and beautiful way to energize your life. The teleconference is scheduled for October 19. You will be notified by October 5 if you are one of the first 100 people to buy the book. This is a $125.00 value. 

Bonus #2: 50% Discount for your unique Life Map: Using your unique astrological blueprint, plus tarot, I Ching, power animal totems, and more I delve into the purpose of your life journey — your map for your soul roads (not toll roads) that you intended to travel in this life experience. A fascinating exploration of the Akashic Records. The form to fill out is at Life Maps take about three weeks to complete and works on the Wisdom Seekers time, not on our 9 to 5 clock.  After completing the form on the website, and an email conference with me, you will be advised the date of completion of your Life Map.  A $650.00 Value available at $325.00 today ONLY, September 21.  

            Bonus #3: The Inside Success Radio Show with ‘Dr. Proactive’ Randy Gilbert. A special one hour interview with Elaine Sonne, the Myth Doctor. In Randy’s own words, “I interviewed Elaine Maginn Sonne, PhD, aka the Myth Doctor on “The Inside Success Show”and she was a really fun author to interview. I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the wisdom she has to share”. This interview is sold for $17.97. You get it as a gift.

             Bonus #4: Goddess 101 e-book: Images and stories of 12 goddesses different world cultures inspire you to take a closer look at the Divine Feminine! Understand your true self by knowing the Goddess. Written by M. Proctor, Ph.D., best-selling author of Let Your Goddess Grow! 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking and The Women's Book of Empowerment: 323 Affirmations That Change Everyday Problems into Moments of Potential. Download a chapter from Let Your Goddess Grow! 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking.  Be sure to visit her at  A $75 value.  

             Bonus #5: The Goal Achieving e-Guidebook by best selling author Peggy McColl. The Goal Achieving Guidebook is a planning tool to be used by anyone who is serious about achieving his or her goals. This concise guide provides you with templates for goal setting, goal planning, daily questions along with resources to create new positive affirmations, a purposeful mission statement and an empowering identity. Have all your tools for goal achievement in one powerful resource.  From Peggy McColl of Dynamic Destinies Inc. A $35.00 value.

             Bonus #6: The Power of Inner Choice by Mary E. Allen. MCC. 12 Weeks to Living a Life You Love. Receive the first four chapters of this book on realizing your goals and true potential while simultaneously experiencing a sense of inner peace. A $35.00 value.

            Bonus #7: 40 Day Wealth Pilgrimage. An e-journal by the author, Dr. Elaine Maginn Sonne, to bring wealth, dreams, and happiness to you in a 40-day guided program. Invaluable. A $25.00 value. 

            Bonus #8:  A Gem Pouch. For the first 100 buyers only. A red velvet pouch filled with magical gemstones for you to carry with you in pocket or purse. (A $60 retail Value) Includes medium size polished healing stones. A gift from Elaine. A $60.00 retail value. 

            Bonus #9: Inspiration to Realization, by Morgana Rae, CCPCC, ACC, MPNLP  Life and Business Success Coach. A chapter from Morgana’s book on successful living where real women reveal proven strategies for personal, business, financial and spiritual fulfillment.  A $35.00 value. 

            Bonus #10: Question Journal: An e-Journal written by the author, Dr. Elaine Sonne, with more than 100 questions to make you ponder your successes, challenges, goals, dreams and gifts. Derived from Dr. Sonne’s workshops on journaling. A $35.00 value.  

            Bonus #11: Hope is in the Garden. Candace L. Talmadge and Jana L. Simons. Recognizing the creative power of thought and the role of unconditional love in healing, Hope is in the Garden: Healing Resolution Through Unconditional Love doesn’t stop there. The authors describe in specific detail precisely what blocks self-acceptance and self-love. Hope recounts how one woman recovered from undiagnosed panic disorder in just four sessions of Sunan therapy while another woman, diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, fully reintegrated after just 12 sessions.  Hope explains why and how self-judgment is the ultimate cause of emotional and spiritual dis-ease, and tells readers what it takes to free themselves. A 137 page e-book. A $35.00 value.

            Bonus #12. Goddess Screensaver and More.  Offered by Sharon Turnbull, author of the soon-to-be released The Goddess Gift and webmistress of Goddess Gift ( Imagine a woman in touch with her ancient feminine powers. Hauntingly beautiful screensaver reminds you to bring 'goddessness' into your daily life. (Mac or Windows.)  Discover Your Goddess Type while you take a 20% discount on the Goddess Quiz, an online personality assessment delivering a 20+ page report on the ways your personal archetype influences the patterns of your life. And sign up to have the Goddess Path Newsletter e-mailed to you each month. Value: $25.00 

             Bonus #13: Baja4u. What's it really like for a US citizen living in Mexico? Frequently asked questions are answered for the first time in a book by an insider resident. Baja4You is a question/answer reference book that explains in detail facts about living in Mexico, Northern Baja in particular. The author, Roberta Giesea, a US citizen residing in Mexico, reveals the following in a reader-friendly format: Cost of living, Personal safety, Medical help, Immigration tips, shopping, cultural etiquette, surfing, fishing locations, communication systems and so much more. The bonus here is “The Flying Dog” an article about life in Baja.

Total Bonuses of OVER $750 available for just $14.95.  A fabulous deal.

Legends of the Stones is not mental gymnastics, not more affirmations nor off-in-woo-woo land wishing. As you know by now, successful everyday living calls for more than invisible, mental qualities of intelligence, focus, affirmations and visioning. It takes more. Much more. To live a dynamic fulfilled life you must wed physical, visible power sources to your invisible mental practices. It takes that combination of mental and physical, visible and invisible dynamics to draw vitality and power to you. And to reawaken it within yourself.

Your results will match my results:

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6)      Global travel.
7)      Self-confidence and fulfillment.
8)      Accessing my Divine Purpose.
9)       Living my dream ...and more.
10)   Many, many testimonials from fulfilled customers/clients.

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 My blessings to you and me on our empowerment journey!


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