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~Valentine's Day Special~

Pampering Your Self? Isn't it about time YOU took the Goddess Quiz? After all self-love IS a goddess virtue. (Just ask Aphrodite, the goddess of love.)

Pampering Someone You Care About? Sisters and brothers, mothers and daughters, best friends forever...what a great way to say "You're special to me."

Pampering Your Partner? Isn't it time you really got to know each other? Even if you've been together ever since the Olympians ruled the world, is your partner still a mystery to you?

The Goddess would like to help. This year you can pass on the traditional cards, flowers and chocolates and go straight to the things that make your relationship so special.

Here's a gift that's truly unique . . .

Read about the popular Goddess Quiz online.
(Greek Gods Quiz for men as well)

Other gift certificates may hint at 'I was too busy and couldn't think of what to get you' but these aren't like that. What could be better than a gift that says . . .

"You are unique and I think you're divine!"

Just select 'one' or 'two' in the drop-down box and
take advantage of the Valentine's Day Special Offer
to receive your savings of 25% off the usual retail price.
(Hurry, sales ends at midnight on Valentine's Day 2010.)

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