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The results of the Goddess Quiz will tell you which goddess shares your personality type. Using her story, your report reveals how your personality type reacts to situations that involve family, friends, career, intimacy, and stress. 

As far as we've been able to determine, we're the only site that offers a scientifically based assessment with reports rendered in terms of the goddess archetypes.

The quiz contains 100 items and takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. You should be sure you have time to finish the quiz, and try to take it at a time when you're feeling pretty much like your "usual self ". The report will appear on your screen just a few seconds after you've finished the quiz, and you will be able to print it from the screen or download it to your computer at that time. We'll even provide simple, easy-to-understand instructions on how to do just that!

Your 20+  page Goddess Report will highlight the strengths of your personal goddess as well as her limitations, and show how you compare to your goddess on 25 different personality traits. It will also tell you how you compare to others of the same sex and age group who have already answered the same questions. Your Goddess Report will also identify your "missing goddess" (your undeveloped traits) as well as the other goddesses present in your personality that are available, as allies, to help you find ways to make your life more meaningful and authentic.

The Goddess Quiz: Its Scientific Base

The Goddess Quiz is based on material having a stamp of professionalism and credibility that is unrivalled in personality testing. Items in the test were developed by scores of experienced psychologists, statisticians and specialists in personality theory. Each item has been subjected to large scale validation studies.

The questions in the Goddess Quiz were chosen from the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP-NEO) that measures normal differences in personality on 30 different personality domains.  Over 200,000 people have taken the test online and thousands more as participants in various research studies throughout the world.  The items have proved to have high reliability and validity (i.e., accuracy).  We've carefully selected and tested 100 questions measuring 25 different personality factors that were the best indicators for the specific personality types that were represented by the various goddess archetypes.

Experts in organizations worldwide are using tests derived from the IPIP, including psychologists in private practice, governmental agencies, universities, and human resource departments.

How does the Goddess Quiz compare to other online tests? 

Many of the other personality tests offered on the web are not serious tests, weren't developed by psychologists, and provide you with little useful information. Often they're offered for free and are used as "teasers" to sell a book or seminar.

Many of the tests we've seen offered are just a bit too "skimpy".  Honestly, just how much can they possibly tell you in a 5 to 10 page report!! We've even found a few "Discover Your Goddess" quizzes floating around on the web. We'll be the first to admit, they're a lot of fun!!

Also out there are a fair number of well-respected, widely used, and scientifically sound tests that do offer helpful information, but they tend to be more costly. We've seen prices ranging from $25 - $200 for similar services, with the "typical" price running around $50.

What we at Goddess Gift are trying to achieve is simple--to bring you the best of both worlds--to offer you an extensive, helpful report based on your responses to a scientifically sound questionnaire.

By using the goddess archetypes as a motif, your analysis is presented in a way that will make it both fascinating and fun to read.  We think you'll agree that we've managed to do just that!










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