November 2005 • Issue #14


It’s SFFL’s First Great New Find

We are constantly on the search for great tools that make the process of living a more joyful, satisfying Soulthentically Full Filled Life easier, faster and more effective - and we’ve found one!

In his book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Deepak Chopra writes that within each of us is the seed of a god/goddess waiting to come to life – and our archetype  is the cosmic blueprint of our seed.  Discover your primary archetype and bring it to life, he says, and you speed up - and make easier - the process of revealing and fulfilling your deepest desires.  

At is a really good on-line questionnaire that does a brilliant job of helping you discover your primary god/goddess archetype, your ‘gods/goddesses’ in waiting (your helper archetypes) and your ‘missing’ archetype (or your shadow archetype). 

This questionnaire – and the accompanying (and substantial) report – came highly recommended by a client who found it exceptionally revealing and helpful in her process, so Randy and I tried it, LOVED IT, and declared it our first GREAT NEW FIND! 

The quiz is easy to do, takes about 15 minutes ...

And if you like what you get, consider the gift-certificate offer:  we’re thinking these would make great gifts for soulful friends and family!

At Soul Full Filled Living we know that each and every one of us is destined for a great life. How to find our way to that great life is the challenge and purpose of a lifetime – and can be easier than we think.


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