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"Know thy self, and to thy self be true" . . . an ancient prescription for health and happiness.  Nothing is more valuable than having reliable information about yourself.  

Your personalized Goddess Report reveals your underlying motivations and the patterns of your life and includes suggestions on how to grow in spirit and in wisdom.


In your goddess report you will discover:

  • Your personal goddess archetype

Your greatest strengths and vulnerabilities

What motivates you

How you handle stress

And much, much more.

This page is only a small sample of what the full-length report offers. Order the report to discover which goddess represents your personality type.  The full-length report includes the information you need to start your journey on the goddess path.  Its in-depth analysis makes it an essential roadmap for your journey through life.

What's Included in Your Goddess Report?

  • Table of Contents: The Psyche Report 

    • Goddesses and Personal Archetypes

      • How to Use Your Personal Goddess Report

      • Your Personal Goddess Type: 

      •  Psyche’s  Story and Symbols

    • The Psyche Archetype

      • Psyche’s Characteristics

      • Your Personal Characteristics

      • How An Psyche’s Mind Works

      • Psyche At Work

    • Psyche’s Relationships

      • Psyche as a Child

      • Psyche as a Parent

      • Psyche and Her Mates

    • Psyche Under Stress

    • Psyche’s Personal Goddess Path

      • Psyche’s Allies

      • Recognizing Your Missing Goddess

      • Approaching the Triple Goddess

      • Psyche’s Ways to Grow

Sample Quotes From An Actual Report

Your Goddess Type: Psyche

Section 2. The Psyche Archetype

Psyche Characteristics

A Psyche woman may present a calm, pleasant face to the world, but she is anything but distant. Just as her legend portrays, she is one of the most passionate of the goddesses, willing to go to the ends of the earth because she cares so deeply and intensely about a very special person or cause. . .

Psyches rarely demonstrate intense emotions. A Psyche is not even quick to share her innermost thoughts and feelings with others, except for those she knows well and trusts. She is not a social butterfly and tends to look for a few close friends who understand and appreciate their special nature. These deep friendships are very important to her. . .

 Your Personal Characteristics

 Somewhat introverted, you prefer the company of a few close friends or an intimate to a loud and lively party or to interacting with a wide circle of friends.  It’s not necessarily that you’re unfriendly or shy; you simply need less social stimulation than other types. You generally prefer to be alone because you find yourself easily overwhelmed by large or noisy crowds, your energy being depleted by such social situations.  Although some may mistake your independence and reserve as aloofness, you actually need time on your own to recharge your emotional “batteries” and to restore your energy. . .

Psyche At Work

Like Psyche, you are usually attracted to what is new and different.  The fact that something is unproven isn’t likely to put you off.  Simply taking someone else’s good idea and making it work isn’t your style. You’d rather do the creating and leave the mundane chore of working out the details (or following the procedures manual) to someone else.  . .

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Section 3. Psyche's Relationships

Psyche and Her Mate

Although a Psyche’s love usually runs very deep, her expressions of affection will often be rather subtle and light, sometimes even playful. Her reluctance to discuss her emotions in depths extends to her partnerships as well  . . . the partner of a Psyche may not receive a lot of verbal assurance of her love. . .

 Psyches usually need a home that is well kept because she is greatly bothered by clutter.  Consequently she tends to do more than her fair share of the everyday chores and can come to resent the inequity, wishing her partner would pitch in and help. . . 

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Section 4. Psyche Under Stress

Conflict within a Psyche woman’s relationships, especially her closest ones, is highly stressful for her.  Her quiet personality and pleasant nature makes her particularly vulnerable to being hurt. Most Psyches have a tendency to avoid conflict at any cost, even it requires suppressing their own needs and feelings.

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