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From the "SoulFullFilled Living" Newsletter:

Last month we shared our first Great New Find - The God/Goddess Quiz - and we’ve heard nothing but good things about it ever since.

It validated what I have been feeling is my next step, what my soul has been wanting and gave me some great tools and info on how to do it!  What I really noticed about the information was how far I have come, and the work I have already done!!! YIPPPPEEE!

— Susan

The test affirmed a lot of who I am and made clear what I need to do for me to compensate/grow (steps I already know but interesting how right on the recommendations were). 

— Jeannie

If you have any gifting left to do – or want some clarity, direction or validation for yourself - this quiz could be the just the ticket. Consider the e-gift-certificate offer: we’re thinking these would make great last minute gifts for soulful friends and family near and far!      

— Lissa and Randy, Life Coaches and authors      

A couple of my students and I all took the quiz and got our Goddess personality reports. What fun it was going around asking each other, "I'm an Athena, what are you?"

The reports  were so accurate it was uncanny! With the results written in terms of your goddess archetype, they were as fun and intriguing as any astrological report we've ever seen. I like it that  the test itself is based on "hard science" and uses the hottest new developments in scientific personality testing that are being used in academic research and career placement.                   

Marta (a Psyche)

I love your site! A friend gave me a gift certificate and the report was right on target.  I teach goddess classes and will recommend your site to my students.  I am also purchasing a gift certificate as a birthday present for another friend. I can't wait until the goddess shop is up for business.  Bright blessings to you.


About the Goddess Path Newsletter :

Thank you for the words of wisdom.  It is so good for women to communicate with one another.  Your words are inspiring.


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We’re still saying hello to the Goddess Report, one of the best ‘you mean I’m supposed to be like this?’ tools on the web (not to mention one of the best bargains)! 

Lissa Bergin-Boles    

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The Goddess Quiz "nails" the quintessential foundation of every woman and reveals her persona in the form of an archetypal goddess. Hundreds of my Goddess.com.au members have been transformed by the Goddess Quiz, and the feedback I get is simply wonderful. Time and time again my members remark how accurate and insightful this Quiz really is.   

Anita Ryan-Revel
The "Aussie Goddess"

learned about the God/Goddesses types so googled around and found 
this. It's a great assessment.. I'll probably get all six of my kids 
to take it! Thanks for your help!



It's not often that I put myself first, but I made and exception and treated myself to the gift of the Goddess Quiz. I loved it  . Now I'm ordering a gift certificate because I want to share this with my sister (whose also my best friend).

I am sure she will love the test, too ...  told her about it and she is really looking forward to it.  Blessings! LINDA

My report made me feel so enlightened. It was like when a close friend tells you something about yourself that is so true but that you weren’t really aware of


The Goddess Quiz helped me sort out my possibilities! It led me to discover a completely new path that appears to be my 'soul purpose.' Thank you so much for helping me in this amazing process!


Reading my Goddess Report, I was able see myself and the journey of my life very clearly and experience it vividly … I feel that this experience was 'transformational' in the way I see myself and my future possibilities.

I never have written to a company with praise before because I never felt that something was so important that it deserved comment but this book, Goddess Gift is Amazing.  I completed the Goddess Quiz and found things about myself that I was aware of but didn't want to admit.  The quiz, the writing, the insight, indeed it is almost psychic how the Goddess' traits reflect my own.  I have to thank you for something that opens my eyes and my mind and heart like this one did.  I'm recommending it to all my friends and am planning to use it in a Women's support group that I run.  I cannot thank you enough or explain how it is helping me.
Sharon Arey

I just took your goddess quiz and found out that my goddess archetype is
Rhiannon. In reading over the report, I was truly blown away at how
accurate everything was... It really hit home and was a powerful, moving
 experience for me. (Of course, it also helps that I've always loved the
 Stevie Nicks song by that name!) The report made me very happy!

I plan on studying and meditating on the report, and I'm sure it will help
me further release my inner goddess... and, in the process, I will become
 a better and stronger woman.... much more aware of myself and much more in
tune with the wonderful world around me.

 I'm so happy that my friend directed me to your site. I sincerely
 thank you for your fabulous service to women, from the bottom of my heart.

Alicia Cynthia

customer serv

Thank you so much for being so responsive!  I was so disappointed the night things didn't work, but you have been great.  So far my family's a lot of Persephones and Aphrodites with one Isis thrown in!  I'm looking forward to our first Goddess Party and want to thank you for being so supportive.